Even if we live in a geographical area where the level of insecurity is lower than in other places, danger is felt the same way by all of us when it occurs. There are daily cases of: car-jacking, threats, armed aggressions, harassment, brawls, riots, etc … It can be lived through overflows, loss of temper during meetings, strikes or popular events, on the way to work, on low-traffic dark public roads, when leaving a parking, withdrawing money from an ATM,…

With MBS Solutions, your partner in Project & Change Management, you will gradually gain control over your feelings of insecurity and the discomfort that it causes you.

Through private and/or collective sessions in our premises or even at home, you are being trained and advised on how to defend yourself by using the right gesture at the right time.

Not only you do gradually become familiar with the regular practice of self-defense but you also offer yourself a moment of recreation while caring for your health capital.

In addition to the technical skills, this module gives also the opportunity to develop synergies and stronger links between friends and colleagues when practiced in small groups.

Be one of those who combine work with pleasure by stepping into a custom-made self-defense learning program.

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(Early birds, lunchtime or after work sessions)

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