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Meetings & Teambuilding


Today’s society continues its transformation at an ever increasing speed. Pressure on various domains is constantly increasing. Many individuals and companies undertake projects that often involve major changes (eg: new resolutions accompanied with personal challenges, implementation of new work and learning processes, growing family, changes in the corporate culture, …). These decisions have an impact on us as a person in the workplace, but also in our personal lives. And it is still not easy to evolve through such changes or even to manage work between colleagues and departments.

Balanced Nutrition


Whatever our lifestyle, we are all looking for steadiness and harmony in what we want to achieve. Everyday life is energy-consuming and unforeseen events do nothing to enforce a sense of stability. As a consequence, we usually neglect to balance our nutrition and start or maintain bad eating habits. In the long term, it may expose us to certain diseases that might unfortunately be irreversible. As equally worthy as gaining or losing weight by competing in regular sporting activities, is the goal of maintaining an ideal weight over time, which is by no means an easy task.



Even if we live in a geographical area where the level of insecurity is lower than in other places, danger is felt the same way by all of us when it occurs. There are daily cases of: car-jacking, threats, armed aggressions, harassment, brawls, riots, etc … It can be lived through overflows, loss of temper during meetings, strikes or popular events, on the way to work, on low-traffic dark public roads, leaving a parking, withdrawing money from an ATM,…

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