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Today’s society continues its transformation at an ever increasing speed. Pressure on various domains is constantly increasing. Many individuals and companies undertake projects that often involve major changes (eg: new resolutions accompanied with personal challenges, implementation of new work and learning processes, growing family, changes in the corporate culture, …). These decisions have an impact on us as a person in the workplace, but also in our personal lives. And it is still not easy to evolve through such changes or even to manage work between colleagues and departments.

With MBS Solutions, your partner in Project & Change management, you will find an effective way in being guided in developing your ‘BODY'(food choices) and SAFETY (self-defense) skills. Through a more theoretical approach, we will be scheduling ‘Mind Meetings’ dedicated to reflection and discussions around topics we deem are essential for your guidance in theses modules.

In one hand, these time slots will, allow you to get a deeper understanding of what is essential in a good balanced nutrition and the benefits of regular self-defense practice.

On the other hand, we will organize time slots dedicated to your personal & organizational development for a better management of your timeline, projects and other activities during this transition period.

All the way long your implementation of modules BODY and SAFETY, MBS Solutions will be providing you with a range of precise topics responding to your specifics needs. Be more stimulated in your personal life & projects by regularly organizing Mind Meetings. As an option, why not boost your team on the occasion of an ongoing project, for example?


50 – 60 min


30 – 40 min

 (Early birds, lunchtime or after work sessions)  

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