Balanced Nutrition

Whatever our lifestyle, we are all looking for steadiness and harmony in what we want to achieve. Everyday life is energy-consuming and unforeseen events do nothing to enforce a sense of stability. As a consequence, we usually neglect to balance our nutrition and start or maintain bad eating habits. In the long term, it may expose us to certain diseases that might unfortunately be irreversible. As equally worthy as gaining or losing weight by competing in regular sporting activities, is the goal of maintaining an ideal weight over time, which is by no means an easy task. 

With MBS Solutions, your partner in Self-Empowerment, Project & Change Management, you manage the transition of your eating habits in a progressive and reasonable way. You are carefully guided and advised in the selection of food and ingredients essential to your metabolism.

Find the type of diet that suits best your lifestyle. Whatever function you perform in life (employee, executive and artist, casual or high-level athlete …) it is possible to find your own ‘nutrition code’ that corresponds to your specific needs on a day-to-day basis.

To this end, we’ll build together a relationship of trust by establishing pragmatically a path of evolution until the desired results are obtained. Thereafter, you will be monitored to make sure your results persist over time and can still be adapted to your life changes.


Calibration: food rebalancing & nutritherapy.
Balanced nutrition : nutritional monitoring (kids, teenagers, men/women).
Food Optimization: nutritional monitoring of athletes (performance progression).

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