Your SPOC: Roger Kassanda


Founder of MBS Solutions.

Over 10 years experience on the labour market. Has acquired a clear vision and strong understanding of the Working Environment in sectors such as Finance, Logistics, Energy, Human Resources and Sports.

Master in Management Sciences (HEC-ULg), Business Analysis, certified PRINCE2® Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner).

Nutrition Coach – Certification of Professional Competency – NHBO.

Krav Maga Self-defense instructorBlack Belt , in one of the biggest Krav Maga Self-Defense Institutions of Europe. 

Mindset : dynamic, innovative, flexible.
Philosophy : ‘I don’t work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people’.

About MBS Solutions


MBS Solutions is an independent entity based in East Flanders (between Ghent and Brussels) MBS Solutions is an independent entity based in East Flanders (between Ghent and Brussels) active in the B2C sector and providing individuals with 3 core services: MIND, BODY and SAFETY.
Based on an effective customer relationship, these 3 pillars are, above all, a way of living as a human being and (re)shaping self-empowerment programmes.



Meeting sessions (one to one/many) on a regular basis for a deeper understanding and better implementation of pillars Body and Safety. These sessions will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools for your personal empowerment and project development.


Health capital and balanced nutrition

Improving your health capital by providing guidance in your food choices after analysis of your needs, morphology, tolerances, lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Helping you reach achievable goals whatever your profile:

  • Balanced nutrition: for the regular worker, businessman/woman having to manage a flexible agenda.
  • Food optimization: for the occasional, regular or professional sportsman/woman.


Physical integrity protection

Revealing your abilities to effectively protect your physical integrity thanks to collective and/or personal self-defense classes. Complete tailor-made program and effective learning process with use of natural and simple gestures which will increase your self-confidence, develop your sense of responsibility and initiative.

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MBS Solutions is truly convinced that the implementation of these pillars in your daily life and activities will not only guarantee you success but will also make you reveal the best version of yourself.

Choose now to develop one or more pillars as part of your personal/organizational development and see the results by yourself!

MBS Solutions’ core values


Understanding the necessity of a good business relationship: we do care to limit intermediaries in the communication workflow. We provide you, in a minimum of time, clear rates and contracts enabling you to get started right away and reach your targets with confidence.

Willingness and commitment:

It is part of our philosophy to dare stepping out of our comfort zone to acquire more knowledge and to share it with you throughout the building of objectives and projects implementation.


It remains our goal to meet your expectations. Therefore, we provide you the best solutions to your needs with a range of specific and complementary self-empowerment programmes.